Honor, purpose, service, growth—these are the pillars of our culture and the drivers that inspire everything we do.

Our Mission

We believe that people are just that, people! We believe leaders care about the people they have influence onOur mission is to equip entrepreneurs, business professionals, and sales leaders with the tools they need to create intentional, thriving businesses, that help create fulfilled lives. It’s our calling to help others experience joy coming from creating an intentional productive business.


Our Vision

We envision a world where leaders everywhere are committed to continuous learning, progression, and growing FORWARD—in any circumstances; a world where leaders step up to authentic leadership and earn the trust and respect of all they associate with. We see ourselves assisting in making a positive, lasting impact on the lives of others, one person at a time.


Our Culture

We’re founded on a culture of honor, purpose, service, and growth.  We strive to honor people in the way we see them… as human beings. We are passionate about helping people create purposeful businesses, serving them in meaningful ways to help them grow and achieve the fulfillment they are after.

Solving the biggest problem in sales leadership


We believe there’s no better time for leadership than now. As technology changes the ways in which we work and interact, companies embrace and grapple with generational shifts, and the opportunities to venture into uncharted territories abound, we are finding ourselves living one of the most interesting times in history. Yet, despite being more connected than ever, there is a growing distance between people as they face growing uncertainty in the world. This is a time that calls for leaders—for fearlessness, wisdom, respect, and deeper relationships. That’s what Forward Leadership is all about—giving leaders the tools they need to help guide, direct, and grow intentionally and successfully.



Meet Ben Ward

Ben is no stranger to fear, uncertainty, and doubt—hence his runaway best selling book, Pluck The FUD! After growing up in a poor household, he’s made, as well as lost millions, through his experiences in sales, business ventures, and holding executive positions. A self-proclaimed “learn it all,” Ben’s developed a passion for growth and progression. Having been mentored by some of the best minds in the world, Ben founded Forward Leadership to share what he’s learned with others.